“Daisy, We Done What We Came Here to Do.”

Once Upon A Time . . . A girl wrote a book, that turned into nine, and here we are.



Happy Book Birthday to BOOK NINE in The Crisanta Knight Series! With enough obstacles and adversity to make any protagonist proud, we finally got to this finale and the happily ever aftermath is better than I could have imagined.


So today, it’s time to celebrate in a way that Crisanta Knight would approve of—with the best #chocolatecake I could find covered in edible glitter. 😋


I virtually share this with you, all my fans and readers and supporters. I hope the #finale brings you a big ol’ slice of happiness!


For all those Snoopy fans out there, the quote that is the title of this blog comes from that show.


I remember when I was little I first saw a rerun for an episode called Snoopy’s Reunion. In the episode, you get to see where Snoopy was born. He and his siblings were born at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, and Daisy was there mama beagle. After the last of the puppies is adopted to a good home, the farmer turns to Daisy and says “Daisy, We Done What We Came Here to Do.”


Lol – forgive me if that’s not the exact wording; it has been a while. The memory of the sentiment never left me though, and when I achieve a great goal in life, I think of that quote. So when I toasted the ending of my series with my family, different people spoke different cheers, but that quote is what I said.


The thing is, this quote doesn’t solely resonate because I finished my series. I didn’t know it was going to be nine books when I started it, so it’s not about the number of books either. This is about what the series has accomplished. At the very start of my journey, I hoped that my series would bring to others the joy and inspiration and meaning that my favorite series have brought to me. To receive the fan mail, feedback, reviews, and in-person love from all the wonderful people who have read and loved the series, well . . . I really do feel that “Daisy, We Done What We Came Here to Do.”


Once again, thank you to everyone who helped get me here. Definitely check out the dedication section of BOOK NINE for my full thanks and feelings on writing for you.


Here’s to the next adventure!


Finale Cake

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