Girl Scouts of the USA

I joined the Girl Scouts as a Brownie in elementary school and grew with my troop through the years, becoming a Junior Girl Scout, Cadette, Senior Girl Scout, and Ambassador. It was a journey filled with a lot of adventure, exploration, and self-discovery.

There were times when my troop had nine members, and times when it had close to thirty. We went camping, played in the snow, and put on skits in the school talent show. We learned how to change a tire, ride a horse, paint a house, and make lanyards. On my own I discovered many passions and skills like crafting, leading, helping others, planning events, and creating murder mysteries to name a few. And I sold the heck out of those boxes of cookies (and nuts)!

Overall, it was amazing to be a part of this organization and I am proud to have earned the Girl Scouts Bronze Award, Silver Award, and Gold Award along the way. It is therefore an honor to be able to work with so many Girl Scout troops of various ages across the country on my book tours.

Adventures, activities, and awards aside, Girl Scouts is an organization that fosters the development of real world skills when it comes to problem solving, working with others, overcoming challenges, building a strong sense of self, and holding your own while holding your head high. It encourages girls of all ages to learn the values of teamwork, hard work, and positivity. My series and I strongly support these skills and values, which is why it has been so much fun to visit with troops from a broad range of councils. If you are a part of Girl Scouts and are interested in a future author visit, feel free to contact me and I can put your troop/council on my book tour radar.

Wishing you all the best and many adventures on your GS journey!