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Reviewer: Amy

Star Rating: 5 Stars – Satisfying and so good!

“I have become a big fan of this series, and this installment did not disappoint. The characters are well-rounded and interesting, the story has so many twists and turns, their are bigger questions that get wrestled with, also girl power (wooo!) and great heroes too. Dragons, wormholes, great dialogue, Neverland, Bruce Wilis, King Arthur, sword fights, a hint of romance, a hope of repentance for some of the baddies, SO MUCH ADVENTURE, and so many things a great book should have. Highly recommend!!”

Reviewer: Natasha

Star Rating: 5 Stars

“The character development in this series is absolutely brilliant.
I love this series *a lot* and I can’t believe that there are only 2 left in the series. I devoured this over 2 days and so much happens and I like that Crisanta has learned and developed so much (Looking forward to when she realises that her and Daniel are supposed to be together!)”

Reviewer: Alexa

Star Rating: 5 Stars – Fans of Crisanta Knight will love this latest book!

“The sixth book in this fantastic series has it all: harrowing battles, hard truths, the seduction of power, shocking discoveries, betrayal, and sass. Crisa faces the day of ‘do or die’ we’ve been waiting for: The Vicennalia Aurora! And we’ve never seen her fight like this before thanks to the aurora’s boost.

“The remarkable way fairytale literature is woven together in this series grows deeper and more intricate. And I find it incredibly compelling how each character in the group of heroes brings a unique perspective and personality to the table. Which is awesome to see play out when the story poses difficult questions with unforgiving options.

“The line of dominoes triggered in this book are dramatic and delicious. At each turn I was riveted, especially as the lines between allies and enemies starts to crack. So many relationships are evolving in new and intriguing ways. Some in ways I’d been hoping for and some in ways I didn’t see coming (but absolutely LOVE)! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next volume!!”

Reviewer: Wendy

Star Rating: 5 Stars

“LOVE this series. Can’t wait for the next one to come out. The characters are constantly growing throughout the books as they traverse through whatever life throws at them. It feels like you really are there on there quest due to amazing writing.”

Reviewer: Nancye

Star Rating: 5 Stars

“I love this series! I was practically holding my breath to see how they would make it through the latest adventures. It is fun to see how our fairytales mix with Camelot, Oz, and Neverland. There are some fabulous new twists on the old stories we grew up with. Looking forward to book 7.”

Reviewer: Christi-Anne

Star Rating: 5 Stars

aghh!!! I seriously can’t wait until October! This was a reread and a half, and I really enjoyed it all over again! Can’t wait to see where we go from here :)”

Reviewer: Anonymous

Star Rating: 5 Stars – Uh-oh

“K no spoilers but I really don’t know how to feel about Daniel’s girlfriend or Merlin right at the moment. And yeah the ending left me hanging and I’m loosing my mind about how this is gonna end. (In a good way of course) I so need the next book! I’ve re-read this series twice and I keep finding things I missed the frist time. Geanna is a genius!”