Have you been chosen to be a main character in your own future fairytale? Our fine institution is where young girls from across the land train, study, and prepare themselves for their fairytale fates. We offer a diverse and enriching curriculum, a variety of after school clubs and  activities, and many opportunities for socializing with our brother school—Lord Channing’s School for Princes & Other Young Heroes.

Our academy has a myriad of famous alumna, and if you are a Legacy or a Half-Legacy, you can rest assured that you will find the tools here to make your mark and forge your own memorable fairytale. Meanwhile, if you are a new protagonist with no ties to former fairytale characters, Lady Agnue’s will help you find your path and fine-tune your archetype’s key traits. Continue reading about our school below!

Peruse a Selection of Our Classes

Some of Our Required Courses:

  • Potions
  • Damsels in Distress (D.I.D.)
  • Fairytale History
  • Singing with Nature
  • Animal First Aid
  • Princess First Aid
  • Color Coordination
  • Calceology
  • Table Manners & Banquet Basics
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Public Speaking
  • Senior Thesis Course
  • Balls on a Budget: How to Maximize Your Happily Ever After without Bankrupting Your Kingdom’s Economy

A Sample of Our Electives:

  • Driver’s Ed
  • Runaway Carriages 101
  • Sewing: It is Not Just for Mice & Small Birds
  • Whimsy, Flirtation, & Other Coquetry
  • Hair Dos & Don’ts
  • Archery
  • Horseback-riding
  • Homemade Explosives
  • Charm & Death
  • Creative Rope Use 101
  • Escape! Getting Out of Locked Closets & Other Places You’re Trapped

Our School Amenities

  • Expertly Curated Library
  • State-of-the-Art Potions Lab
  • Rapunzel Spa
  • Practice Fields (with barn and stables)
  • Lady Agnue’s Fully Stocked Student Store

Lady Agnue’s Faculty

Lady Agnue’s School for Princesses & Other Female Protagonists is run by a prestigious faculty of all female professors who have many years of experience. Lady Agnue herself is a part of a long line of headmistresses who have dedicated their lives to the guidance, nurturing, and molding of fine, fairytale young women.

Biggest Events of the Year

Our school for princesses and female protagonists has many amazing events. Some yearly highlights include the Ball of the First Frost in December that officially presents our graduating seniors, Twenty-Three Skidd Tournaments at Lord Channing’s in the spring, and our annual fall field trip to one of the two kingdoms by the sea.

Classes begin in September and conclude in June with time off for winter break and spring break. If you are a new student or the parent of a new student, feel free to send inquiries via messenger bird to our headmistress, Lady Agnue, and your questions will be answered as soon as possible!