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Reviewer: Certified_Book_Nerd

Star Rating: 5 Stars – Absolutely Amazing!


It is with a heavy, yet giddy and extremely nerdy heart that I have finished Eternity’s End. While a book of this size normally wouldn’t take me almost a month to complete. There was NO WAY I was rushing this masterpiece. I wanted to savor every word, every adventure, and every single emotion (of which there are many).

I have to say, after reading Eternity’s End I am feeling all sorts of ways about the author 😂 She tore my heart to pieces so many times, just to build it back up, to utterly shatter it again. I absolutely LOVED every second of it. Every soul-wrenching, hitch crying, snot blowing, tears flowing moment (both happy and sad) was WORTH the journey.

I hate that this series is over at the same time I am happy of the ending my fairytale besties got. This has been such an incredible series which has touched my heart and lifted my soul. I can’t wait to dive back in and start it all over again.

If you want an awesome YA series, with fairy tale EVERYTHING and then some…strong characters, life lessons and just all around good vs. evil fun…GRAB this series.

Reviewer: Lola

Star Rating: 5 Stars – THIS BOOk was AMAZING!!!!

The finale of Crisanta Knight was absolutely amazing! I was blown away when I finished the book, so much so, that I cried when it was over, because of how deeply moving it was. And because I finished the book series. This book managed to twist my emotions in ways I didn’t feel were possible. I can confidently say this was the most gut-wrenching, amazing, wise, and moving books that I have ever read. It changed me as a person as well. I recommend this book to every single human being in the world. I LOVED IT!!!

Reviewer: Kelsey H.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

What an excellent ending to a very fun series and what a breath of fresh air! Optimistic heroes for the win.

Reviewer: Parker

Star Rating: 5 Stars – What a Ride!

Loved it! An excellent ending to a fun series that’s been a true breath of fresh air and optimism. This is a series that brings fairytales to a whole new level. It’s relatable and also so inspiring. The action and adventure in the finale kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Crisanta has grown up so much since book one. What a series, what a ride! I totally recommend this book and the entire series. Start from the beginning, it’s worth it.

Reviewer: Tanya T.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Wonderful ending to this fantastic series.

Reviewer: Katie

Star Rating: 5 Stars – Fantastic End to a Fantastic Series

This was a wonderful book and a fantastic ending to the series. Crisanta learns so much more about herself and what life means to her in this book. This book reminds us that although our happy ever after might not be what we imagine, they will be what we need most 🙂 Completely recommend the entire series!