Halo, My Name Is . . . SUMMARY LIVE

The anticipated sequel to the debut guardian angels novel Heaven’t You Heard? is on its way! Following the cover reveal in 2023, check out the new book summary for Halo, My Name Is . . . live on the Culbertson Kingdom website.

Book #2 in this series will be loaded with adventure, amazing worlds, sassy and strong main characters, a dash of romantic intrigue, plenty of puns, and of course that heartwarming, inspiring soul searching that makes Culbertson Kingdom books impactful.

The book is set to release later this year with the official 2024 release date announced in the spring. Be sure to catch up on all the magic and wonder before then.

Halo, My Name Is . . . will continue Phase Two of the Culbertson Kingdom Literary Universe expansion, which will take fans of all ages on journeys to unprecedented worlds with unique, compelling heroes as their guides.

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